Yeah I'm a Diva

A Diva who knows how to work a Genesis CNC Robotic Mig Welder.

I work hard. And hard work knows no gender. That's why I've worked here for 15 plus years. Lots of companies talk about diversity, but at SMP it means something. And when a company does what it says, you can trust them. SMP is founded on doing what's right. For customers. For employees. For the environment. And for over three generations.

Billy Has Over 45 Years of Experience

And it's yet to keep him from learning all kinds of new tricks.

At SMP, we hold experience in high esteem, but never at the expense of innovation. We believe the combination of the two creates infinite possibilities. And possibilities lead to solutions. That's why, for 60 years and counting, solutions are one of our most time-honored traditions.

Get a Load of These Mama's Boys

They look like tough guys, but we know better. They’re quite pleasant to work with because here at SMP, we've spent decades building a culture that promotes respect. And striving for perfection. And being on time. And doing what we say. It’s what makes SMP a company of mettle. It’s what makes our Mamas proud.

400 Pieces Per Hour, 8 Hours Per Day

All before she picks the kids up from school.

Extreme efficiency. That's how Mary, a metal forming specialist, does it. At SMP, we believe that when you work smart, you don't have to work long. And that’s good for meeting deadlines, improving bottom lines and making it to the elementary school car line.